We truly appreciate your kind words…

“Hi Tim, I want to thank you for your help getting Michael his license so promptly. He was so thrilled to pass [his road test] yesterday just 6 months after his birthday. Also, your help with Robin M. Her parents are so pleased with her progress and are so appreciative of all your help. She has come so far after such a devastating loss of her leg.” – Marilyn, 3/24/17


“Dear Tim, I passed my road test last Saturday. I wish I could communicate to you how relieved and happy I was. I want to thank you for your help…You made sacrifices for me you did not have to make… I also want to commend the entire staff of CMSC for the wonderful job they do. Linda, Trish and the other office ladies were so courteous on the phone.  My instructors (Bonnie, Tom, Bill, Dave, Frank, Gail and Haru) were patient, pleasant and competent. They excelled in imparting to me the knowledge and the skill I needed not just to be able to drive but to be safe on the road. ” – Gifty O., 2/8/17


“Thank you CMSC for preparing my sons so well for the road! Your
program and staff are awesome! You can tell you really care about
their safety. Keep up the fantastic work!” – Katie D., 7/23/16


“Hi Mr.Cooney,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything in the past few months with my driving! I passed my license test today and I can’t tell you how much I loved doing all my driving at CMSC. it was awesome and I feel so good about my driving skills! I hope I can do skid school in the near future I’ll let you know. thank you so much again!:)”  -Katherine (Kasia) O., 7/18/16


“My son truly learned a lot in the classroom and I am very happy for that. You guys run a tremendous program there. He is looking forward to his driving hours”  -Shannon L., 3/8/16


“My instructor really taught us everything she knew and encouraged a stress-free, positive class environment”  -Olivia S., 2/18/16


“My instructor was very interactive and used multiple teaching methods so each student could understand”   -Jack S., -1/2/16


Dear Skidz School staff:

Just completed the Advance Driver Training course yesterday (12/16).
I’ve been licensed for over 40 years and learned a LOT from this
course and the 2 professionals (Brendon and Josh) that provided
instruction. In order to pursue insurance discounts, I’ve taken
several driving courses in the past and this one, by far, was the
best. Don’t come in expecting a sleepy course with tired, industrial
videos. No, no. This course will grab your attention and keep it the
entire 4.5 hours. Best yet, if you don’t have several takeaways from
the course, it’s your fault, not the instructor’s. Great course for
all ages/experience levels and thank you for offering it.  –Paul J., – 12/17/15


Dear Mr. Cooney (Tim),

I’m happy to send these comments about the great Motorcycle Training course that I recently completed. The sign-up process was clear and easy. The classroom part of the training was thorough, informative, friendly and fun. Yes, that’s right–FUN!

The very same thing can be said of the riding part of the course: thorough, HIGHLY informative, friendly and fun. The instructors for my session–Steve, Rob, and Neil–are skilled and professional, as well as lighthearted and patient. They and my fellow classmates made the entire experience a pleasure.

So I passed the course, received my license in the mail from the RMV, and now I’m a confident, well-trained, happy motorcycle rider! Many, many thanks!  – Kevin W., – 6/10/15



“Hi Steve, I just want to drop you a note to say thank you for a fantastic experience while learning to properly ride a motorcycle and getting my license.  I really enjoyed your teaching style, it helped me to stop, think and really absorb the lessons you were teaching.   I would have loved to do more close quarters turning and control at the class, however I will be practicing on my own as you recommended.”  – Peter E. – 4/7/15


Dear Tim,

“I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that these gift certificates make “53” MSF Scholarships that we have been able to award since we started this program in the early 2000’s. We could not have done this without the support of the Safety Council! – Thank you!”

– Bob Laford (and past presidents), Red Knights Firefighters Motorcycle Club – 3/15/15


Hi Steve

I want to thank you for your careful instruction on June 1st. The experience drivers course was very helpful and your instruction was well taught and your friendly manner made the course fun. I will be highly recommending the course to others.  I received my license in the mail , Monday  June 9th.  – Andy N. – 6/10/14



“Dear Mr. Cooney,

Thank you for providing free driver evaluations for older drivers. It is a valuable contribution to traffic safety and to older drivers’ security. It reassures those of us who are competent that we may continue driving without endangering ourselves or others.

I took the evaluation ride Tuesday with Tracy Raphaelson. She is a knowledgeable and pleasant instructor. I learned some things, such as exact requirements imposed by the white solid lines at stop signs and along the roadside. Beyond that, the evaluation satisfied me that I am not putting myself or anyone else at risk by driving at age 77.

Your foresight and generosity to improve public safety while aiding the elderly is a benefit to all!”  – George R., 4/10/14


“Hi Steve,

I wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for your help this past weekend. Being someone who was a true beginner, never driving a standard vehicle or ever riding a bike prior to this course, I truly appreciated your patience. I know Saturday it must have seemed as though I wasn’t going to return for Sunday’s portion. There was a bit of fighting with myself Sunday morning, but I figured if I am going to fail I might as well try. Turns out I lucked out, since Sunday it started to click and I think some of it had to do with just taking the pressure off of myself. I however think most of it was your patience and understanding. To be honest my classmates were pretty understanding as well, even saying that they were proud of me for showing up on Sunday morning after having a tough day Saturday.

I think the only thing I can truly stress about my experience is that understanding and patience is what enabled me to keep trying and, at the end, succeed.

I’ll be sure to email once my license is received. Enjoy your summer Steve! Thank you again!

 Thanks!!  – Diana G, 4/10/14

“Dear Mr. Cooney, [I] just wanted to share with you that last week’s training came not a day too soon… Yesterday morning while driving to work alone, my daughter hit black ice on Rt. 111. The car started fishtailing and slipping downhill. While startled by the ABS, she controlled the skid, managed to stay in lane, safely made it through the intersection, pulled into a parking lot and… broke down in tears. She was so shaken up that [she] wouldn’t even drive back home herself. But!… The training she received at your school kicked in just in time. It enabled her to stay in control and helped her avoid the crash and possible injury. Thank you once again for the invaluable lesson!”  – Michael, 12/2/13


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