Which course is right for me, the Introduction to Riding Course, Basic Rider Course or the Experienced Rider Course?

Anyone may take the Intro to Riding or BRC regardless of your motorcycle experience level.

If you answer “yes” to the following  questions, you may also take the ERC:

  • Do you own a motorcycle that is registered, insured and passed inspection this year?
  • Do you have at least 1500 to 2000 miles of riding experience within the last year?
  • NOTE: you must bring a motorcycle to this class, CMSC cannot rent beginner bikes.

* IMPORTANT: If your bike’s exhaust has been modified, are the pipes baffled? Students are not permitted to participate in an ERC with unbaffled or excessively loud pipes.

Do I get my motorcycle endorsement (license) by taking the classes?

Basic Rider Course (BRC): Yes

Experienced Rider Course (ERC): Yes

Introduction to Riding (ITR): No


What skills do I need before I attempt to ride a motorcycle for the first time?

You must be able to balance and ride a bicycle, and have a desire to learn!


Do I need a motorcycle to take the course?

For the Intro or Basic Rider Course, NO.

For the Experienced Course, YES.

Note: You may NOT use a trike/three-wheeler for any classes at CMSC)


Do I have to have a motorcycle permit to take your classes?



What gear do I need for the course? (Applies to Intro, BRC and ERC)

  1. DOT recognized Helmet (don’t have a helmet? …we’ll provide one for the course!).
  2. Eye protection. (Sunglasses are ok for the purpose of the course)
  3. Long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  4. Full-fingered gloves.
  5. Sturdy, full length pants.
  6. “Over the ankle” boots. Boots should NOT have a pronounced heel.


What should I do about lunch?

We recommend food. There are several places to eat nearby or you can bring your own lunch. Students are also advised to bring water sufficient for as much as five hours on the asphalt.


What if it rains on class day?

We ride rain or shine. Bring Rain Gear!

We will only postpone a class in extreme conditions such as ice, “sticking” snow, sustained lightning. We ride in cold temperatures and rain. Bear in mind the position a rider is in: wind and water blowing on you, legs in a horizontal position… so our advice is (in case you missed it above!) Bring Rain Gear!


 If I am under 18 can I take this course/get my license?

Yes, Massachusetts residents between 16 and 18 years old will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver form to take the Basic Rider Course. In order to become licensed to ride under 18, you must hold a valid MA permit (either motorcycle OR auto) for at least six months AND complete Drivers Education at an accredited school. (We can recommend a Driver Ed school with the initials “CMSC”)


Cancellation Policy:

To receive a refund: A request must be sent in writing (U.S. Mail, email or FAX) and received by the Site Coordinator more than 10 days prior to the start date of the course. All cancellations made more than ten days prior to the start of a course will be charged a $50. cancellation fee. 

No refunds are made to students who are “no-shows,” those who cancel with less than 10 days written notice, are late to class, dismissed for safety reasons, voluntarily leave, fail the evaluation, have previously rescheduled, or miss a portion of the class.


Rescheduling Policy:

Students may reschedule to another class within the calendar year on time and space availability. All reschedule requests must be sent to the Site Coordinator in writing (U.S. Mail, email or FAX). All reschedule requests received by the Site Coordinator more than 7 days prior to the start of a course will be charged a $25. rescheduling fee. All rescheduling requests received between 7 and 2 days prior to the start of a course will be charged a $100. rescheduling fee. There will be no rescheduling of a class within 48 hours of the start of the course.


I’ve lost my completion card, can I get a replacement card?

Yes, if your completion card has been lost, we can replace it. A processing fee of $25. applies. Please note; Massachusetts allows us to replace cards up to five years after training. We are prohibited from issuing cards for anyone who completed training more than five years ago. For the 2016 season, we can replace cards for anyone who trained in 2011 or later.


Are private lessons available?

Yes, private lessons can be scheduled with any of the motorcycle instructors of your choosing or you may speak with the office staff about any specific’s you’d prefer in an instructor or in your lesson. The fee for private instruction is $75./hour, two hour minimum.


How do I get my Massachusetts motorcycle license?

There are 3 steps required to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your MA license:

  1. AT RMV: Obtain a motorcycle permit, $30. (Can ONLY be obtained from RMV).
  2. AT RMV: Pay the “Motorcycle license endorsement fee,” $15. (Can ONLY be paid to RMV).
  3. AT CMSC: Pass an on-bike road test (INCLUDED with the BRC or ERC courses here at CMSC).


Can I pay that “endorsement fee” by phone?

Yes, it can be paid by phone. The RMV has an automated system to pay the endorsement fee. Follow the instructions below to access the system and pay your fee. (NOTE: The following instructions will also be setting up an appointment for a road test that you WILL NOT have to attend.)

  1.  Call 800-858-3926 from area codes 508/774 or 857-368-8000 if your area code is 339/617/781/857.
  2.  When prompted, say “Road Test”
  3.  When prompted, say “Pre Pay”
  4.  When prompted, say your permit number (your permit number begins with an “S”)
  5.  When prompted, say your date of birth
  6.  The system will tell you the endorsement fee is $15.00
  7.  Pay with a debit or credit card. When the systems acknowledges your payment, it provides you with a confirmation number. CMSC does not need this number, but you should save it for your own records.

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