Want some extra help passing the Massachusetts Learner’s Permit test?

A Learner’s Permit (sometimes referred to as an “LP”) is not required for the Driver’s Education classroom. However, students will need an LP before they can begin scheduling “on-road” lessons. Our 30 hour Driver Education course is not designed as a test-prep class for the Learner’s Permit test. Although a lot of the material is the same, the Learner’s Permit test can ask anything from the Driver’s Manual. To prepare for the Learner’s Permit test, students must spend time reading and learning the Massachusetts RMV Driver’s Manual, which is available online at and can also be purchased in select registry branches.

To help prepare for the test, students are encouraged to visit to take a practice version of the test. Just like the actual test, the practice version draws from a database of hundreds of questions – all based on the Driver’s Manual – and randomly creates a combination of 25 questions. Students must score 18 or more correct to pass.

Currently, the RMV is charging $30./attempt for the Permit test. We believe the more a student takes the practice test, the more likely they will pass the actual test and help save you money too!

Practice test address:

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