Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my son/daughter for driver’s ed?

We offer convenient online registration for classes at all of our 6 convenient locations.  If you need additional assistance, call us at 508.835.2333.

Can I get my learner’s permit through CMSC?

No, you will need to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to obtain a permit. No appointment is necessary; just make sure to arrive BEFORE 4:00 PM!  Also be sure to bring your birth certificate and Social Security card.

Do you have the RMV driver’s manual to study for the permit test?

No, but it can easily be download in PDF format, free of charge, from the RMV Website.

I missed a classroom session. What should I do?

You will need to make up the lost time during the appropriate class session of the next available course. Please call us to find out when this will be possible.

Do parents need to take a class?

Yes, at least one parent must complete a state required 2 hour Parent Class before students can be issued a Driver’s Ed Certificate and schedule their license exam. This class is good for five years. All classroom and driving lessons must be completed before the expiration date. With proof of attendance, a previously attended class for a sibling, can be applied to your other teens if within the 5-year period. We offer convenient online registration for our Parent Class.

How do I schedule road lessons?

We use a online scheduling program called Schedule 2 Drive to allow you to conveniently schedule your road lessons for any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.  Once you have completed the classroom portion and obtained your learner’s permit, we will activate your account in Schedule 2 Drive so that you may log on and schedule lessons.

Please be aware that students have 2 years to complete ALL requirements including classroom and road lessons. You will see your deadline date in Schedule 2 Drive every time you log on.

How do I cancel road lessons?

Road lessons can be conveniently cancelled through your Schedule 2 Drive account.  Drive times may be cancelled at any time; however, a $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations within 24 hours of the originally scheduled drive date and time. This fee is subject to change.

How long will it take to complete all 12 road lessons?

Begin your classroom session when you are between 15 years, 9 months and 16 years. Obtain your permit on your 16th birthday, then spread out your road lessons over the next 4-5 months.

To give everyone a chance to find availability and to encourage practice at home in-between lessons with us, especially during periods of peak demand, we may restrict students from scheduling on consecutive days.

Why don’t I see any lessons for next month?

We receive a firm availability commitment from each of our 50 instructors on the 24th of each month and then create the schedule. This ensure they are available and prevents the need for most schedule adjustments. Additionally, adding 3-4 weeks of lessons at a time gives new students the opportunity to schedule their first lesson within a few months of completing the classroom portion. Please be patient.

How do I schedule observation time?

In the very unlikely event that you need to make up observation time, please call us at 508-835-2333 x127. Most students will receive more than enough observation time while completing the 12 hours of driving. Please DO NOT schedule “observation-only” lessons in Schedule 2 Drive unless you have already driven 12 hours and have less than 6 hours of observation.

Why am I unable to sign up online for road lessons?

There are several reasons you may be unable to schedule lessons:

  1. Your account in Schedule 2 Drive has not been activated yet, either because you haven’t completed the classroom portion or because you have not provided us with your permit number.
  2. Your account in Schedule 2 Drive has been deactivated.

Please call 508-835-2333 x127 so that we may further assist you.

Can I be dropped off at home instead of at the pickup location?

This is a decision made by the instructor on the day of the lesson, and cannot be promised in advance. It is therefore best to plan on getting a ride home from the pickup location after the lesson is over.

I already have 6 hours of observation. Can I drive the first hour and end my lesson early?

This is a decision made by the instructor on the day of the lesson, and cannot be promised in advance. If the instructor agrees to do so, we prioritize by which student has completed more lessons. Therefore, even if you have already completed 8 or 9 hours of driving, you might lose out to a student who has 10 or 11 hours already done.

I’ve finished my classroom & driving sessions. Where is my driver’s ed certificate?

Once you have completed all of your lesson requirements in full, please call CMSC at (508)835-2333 x125 to order your Driver’s Education Completion Certificate. In addition to the students lessons one parent must attend a 2-hour parent class. This class is good for 5 years and can be used for future children when proof of attendance is given. The Driver’s Education Certificate fee of $15 can be paid over the phone with a credit card if taking the test at an RMV branch on your own or you can pay CMSC the day of the Road Test if taking it with us. Certificates are issued by the RMV and it may take them up to 14 days to process the certificate. It will then be posted on the RMV system and can be viewed from their website. They no longer mail out hard copies.

How do I schedule a road test and what will it cost?

Once you have completed all your requirements, please call 508-835-2333 ext 125 to order your Driver’s Ed Certificate and schedule your Road Test at CMSC. If you are taking the Road Test on your own at the RMV, you must still call CMSC to order your Driver’s Ed Certificate first. Road Tests are typically scheduled at least 4-6 weeks out. You can check the RMV’s Check A Driver’s Ed Certificate page to see if your Driver’s Ed Certificate has been processed.

A limited number of ½ hour warm up lessons are available for CMSC students who have signed up for a Saturday Road Test. The warmup lessons are held on the Thursday or Friday before the test at CMSC West Boylston. The cost is $30, please call 508-835-2333 ext 127 by the Tuesday before your test to check availability and book a warmup lesson.

When can I get my license?

You will need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Have a permit for six months (183 days). Get your permit on your 16th birthday!
  2. Have fully completed Driver’s Ed.
  3. Pass your road test.

What are the correct steps toward obtaining a driver’s license?

  1. Register for Driver’s Ed and take the 30-hour classroom shortly before turning 16 (must be at least 15 years, 9 months old). Classroom is good for 2 years.
  2. Obtain learner’s permit on 16th birthday at the RMV.
  3. At least one parent MUST attend the parent class.
  4. Schedule and complete the required 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation with a licensed CMSC instructor and drive 40+ hours with family.
  5. Pay your balance in full.
  6. Order Driver’s Ed Certificate through CMSC ($15).
  7. Pay $85 license fee to RMV. Road tests on Saturdays at CMSC are recommended, additional fee ($90) required. Ordering driver’s ed certificate, scheduling skidz school lesson and scheduling CMSC road test can be done at the same time by calling 508-835-2333 ext125. You must complete ALL requirements before scheduling the road test and/or ordering the Driver’s Ed certificate.
  8. Relax, think positively, and pass the road test!

When do I receive a valid license to drive?

If you pre-paid the $85 RMV road test appointment fee no later than the Thursday before the test, (pay this at any RMV branch, by calling (800)858-3926, or on the RMV’s website: Pay My Road Test and/or License Fees ), you will have a valid license on the Monday or Tuesday after your test when the RMV examiner processes your paperwork. If you do not pre-pay the fee, you will have merely a stamped permit and cannot legally drive alone!

DON’T FORGET: Valid insurance is also necessary! Although we may be able to answer general questions, you should always consult your own certified insurance agent. Your new license information should be available on the Registry system (which is usually needed to obtain insurance) within 7 to 10 days. Your new plastic license should arrive within 2 weeks. CMSC is not responsible for mistakes or delays at the RMV in regards to processing your license.

Where can I get more information on JOL restrictions and penalties for infractions?

Registry of Motor Vehicles JOL Information

Westborough Police JOL Information

NOTICE: The links above take you to pages outside of the control of CMSC.  They are listed for informational purposes only.  CMSC is not responsible for any content or opinions expressed therein.

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