Learn crash avoidance and skid control with our Massachusetts RMV certified Driver Skills Development Program


CMSC introduces the Driver Skills Development Program, a 4-1/2-hour training course that teaches advanced driving techniques for crash avoidance and skid control. Please call (508)835-2333 x0 for our upcoming class schedule.

See what NECN (New England ComCast News) has to say about our skid school.

Here’s your chance to take your driver training to the next level with this hands-on, in-car course that has been certified by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). The Driver Skills Development Program is included as part of every Driver’s Education enrollment through CMSC. Non-students are also welcome to enroll in this class for $189, for more information please call 508.835.2333.

Practice on our specially designed “skid” track

Our RMV approved skid school course is ideal for drivers in New England. This course combines a two-hour classroom session with real-life training behind the wheel. In-car training takes place on our specially designed off-road “skid” track in West Boylston, MA, where drivers are able to learn the principles of car and steering control, off-road recovery, crash avoidance and skid control. An in-car instructor carefully monitors student progress and safety at all times.


Qualify for added insurance discounts

As a student in our RMV-certified Driver Skills Development Program, you could be eligible for additional savings on your car insurance.Most (but not all) insurance companies offer a discount of up to 5 years with the successful completion of this course. This would be in addition to the 10% discount every student receives upon completing the basic Driver’s Education program.

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